Select Early Works

Old and rusted car abandoned in a field of long golden grasses. In the background are some lean-to green sheds.
Blue abstract with soft pink and white bokeh lights
Structure from an abandonded property, there is light shining through the centre where there once could have been walls. Trees and leaves have overtaken much of the building.
Abstract of three sailboats, predominantly blue in colour.
Low-level perspective view of a street car rail. There are bokeh lights of oranges, peach and turquoise converging to the centre of the painting. The street is speckled with oranges, browns and turquoise.
Small barn or outbuilding in a field. Part of the roof is missing. It is an early autumn day.
Painting of a lone blue heron perched on some rocks in Lake Erie, near Port Colborne, Ontario.
Side of an abandoned house with whitish-grey siding. There are shadow on the house, but the background is lit by streams of sunlight.
Three colourful abstract maple leaves on a beige background
Low angle street view of a city street that is wet. In the distance there are blurry buildings and bokeh lights. The street has streaks of pink, yellow and white colours.
This is a loose painting of the canal, late on a summer day, as we walked along the edge of the canal, the sun left sweet silhouettes of the buildings and trees on the other side.
Predominantly blue abstract painting of a windowsill with icicles hanging in front of it. There are bokeh lights in the background.
Abstract, textural painting of a shed falling apart on a golden field.
Three sunflowers painted loosely on a dark blueish green background.
Abstract portrait of a woman with 2 children standing in a group of other people.
Dark red and burgundy abstract with two fields of beige and a light orange horizontal stripe of colour in the bottom third.
Winter scene of the Welland Canal. Shadowy footprints lead into the painting and towards a red bucket that has been abandonded.
The side of a brick building with green doors has graffiti on it.
Blue colour field abstract painting with a white and yellow horizontal stripe.
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