Blue three storey building with laundry hanging across the front of the second storey. The building has a brown door and the windows have dark green shutters.
Group of birch trees by a stream. Autumn colours are abundant on the ground and the other side of the stream.
Large group of waterlillies in a pond. There are three tall peachy-pink coloured blooms that stand out from the surface of the water. The water is a dark blueish green and the lilly pads are green with brighter chartreuse highlights.
Still life of a bowl on its side with 3 full oranges and one orange that has been cut in half and juiced. There is a wooden juice reemer on the left hand-side.
Two canoes, one red and one white sit on a still lake. The canoes as well as the trees on the shore behind them are reflected in the water in the foreground.
Boy standing on a rock in the middle of a lake fly fishing.
A small cat peaks out of a broken window on  the side of a building. There is another cat behind the glass to the right.
Small girl wearing a red dress runs towards waves on a beach on a sunny day.
Waves rolling and crashing along the coast of Mexico. Rocks and a bit of sand are in the foreground while the green and blue waves  capped with white foam are most predominant.
Rusty old blue truck abandonded in a field.
Majestic purple mountains in the background are reflected in a  large body of water. Pine trees are lined up across the foreground.
Close-up of a grey and brown frog resting on a lily pad and looking towards a large pink lily.
A group of thin trees are silhouetted against a blue sunset sky along the edge of a lake.
Small shacks near large colourful cliffs at Quidi Vidi Village in Newfoundland.
Small shacks near large colourful cliffs at Quidi Vidi Village in Newfoundland.
Semi-abstract close up of ice and rocks along a shoreline.
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