White Rose of Sharon blooms set amidst dark green folliage.
A new tree grows from the stump of a dead one in a forest on Vancouver island.
Reddish orange poppies poking up against a green background.
Purple mountains in the background compliment pine and other trees in the middle area. Three is a bridge on the left and a bench on the right in the foreground.
Summer painting of a red barn near Cayuga, Ontario. There is a wire fence in the foreground. The barn sits on rolling hills with a willow tree and some white fencing.
Muskoka chairs sit on a dock facing towards a lake. The setting sun highlights the water with warm pinks and yellows.
From the water's perspective, large blue cliffs frame a lightly cloudy blue sky.
Purple and geen study of a quiet river with trees hanging over the edge. There is a small birdhouse mounted to a log in the foreground.
Little birdhouse set amid flowers in a garden. There is a fence in the background, while black-eyed susans, lavender and white hydrangea.
Table with gardening tools and several pumpkins and gourds on it. There is a fence and greenery in the background.
Red barn sitting in the back of a field of grape vines in Niagara on the Lake.
Looking up at a cluster of apples growing on a tree.
Orange coloured fall trees sit behind a river with hundreds of lilypads on it.
Stream with billowy-white snowbanks. Green trees in the background are backlit by a blue sky.
Five chickens around a steel drum of water. The chickens are all facing the drum. There is a lot of greenery around them.
Bright summer image of Lakeside Yacht Club in Port Colborne, with bright green foreground and trees in the background.
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