Predominantly blue painting of two blackbirds. One bird is perched on the top edge of a wooden structure. The other bird is in low flight just above the first bird.
A young girl is lying on the sand. She is wearing a pink bathing suit and a pink hat. Behind her is a seashore with waves, while further in the background are some cliffs.
Close-up of a butterfly agave. This cactus grows as a symetrical rosette with silvery blue leaves that have reddish edges.
Perspective of mountains with a stand of tall pine trees in the middle. The foreground has pink flowers and rocks mixed with a bit of greenery.
Sun is rising over a beach in Mexico. There are gently lapping waves and clouds that are silhouetted in dark blues and purples as the sun appears behind them.
Two white dogwood flowers on a very dark blueish purple background.
Two young white cows lying together in a pile of hay. They are both looking to the right of the p
Beach scene on a very bright and sunny blue-sky day. There is soft clouds in the sky. In the foreground to the left, there is a sand fence that has some tall grasses behind it.
A young girl in riding gear strides purposefully across a farm paddock. There is mountains in the background and green buildings. On the right is a building with a bench that has a cat sitting on it.
Green and blue river painting with dark trees that are silhouetted in the foreground.
Small sailing dinghy tied up near a shoreline. In the background is a shoreline with a house and trees in the background.
Purple and green hummingbird hovering near a red feeder.
A close-up painting of a few golden-hued maple leaves that have fallen onto a wet surface so there are reflections. There is a feather on the left-hand side.
Beach scene of a little row boat tied up in the foreground. It’s a lovely, sunny day and there is a coast line with some buildings and low hills in the background.
A group of cows standing in a forested area. One cow in the middle is looking directly at the viewer.
White waterlily flower beside a lily pad reflecting into dark blue water.
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